Peak Flow Meter with Color–coded indicators
Designed for Adults and Children

Easy Peak Flow Meters

peak flow meter
Key Features
  • Color–coded indicators - Adjust to delineate a patient’s green (good), yellow (warning) and red (dangerous)zones.
  • Built-in flexible three –zone management system
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Accuracy and repeatability assurance
  • Suitable to use with disposable mouthpiece
  • Confirm to EN ISO 23747 Standard

Standard Range

  • Range :Measurement Range 60-800 L/min
  • Used for: Adults

Low Range

  • Range :Measurement Range 50-400 L/min
  • Used for: Child

A Peak Flow Meter measures air flowing out of the lungs and can reveal narrowing of airways well in advance of an asthma attack.