Hypromellose 0.3% Eye drpos
10ml Multidose Pack
Moisturizing and Dry eyes

Aaculose 0.3% Eye Drops

Aaculose 0.3% eyedrops
Key Features
  • Hypromellose 0.3% Eye drops in an innovative 10ml multidose eyedropper.
  • It is an artificial tear used to relieve dry eye conditions (e.g. conditions associated with the use of computer screen and TVs,atmospheric pollution and drying atmospheres e.g. air-conditioning, central heating, wind,dust and sun).
  • It is also used to moisten hard contact lenses and to lubricate artificial eyes.
  • Temporary dry eyes relief.
  • User friendliness for all age groups due to a low actuation force.
  • Available Strengths :0.3% Hypromellose Eye Drops
  • Pack Size :10ml Bottle (200 Drops)

Sterile, Hypertonic Eye Drops