Anti-Static Spacer Device

Available in four variants :

  • Mouthpiece

  • With Adult Mask

  • With Child Mask

  • With Infant Mask

EasyChamber® Spacer Device


EasyChamber Spacer Device ensures optimal delivery of medication to the lungs in patients of all ages. EasyChamber includes a flexible back piece compatible with all other commonly prescribed inhalers.

Before using the device, every patient must go through the instructions for use of the chamber and metered-dose inhaler.

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Healthcare Professionals

EasyChamber is an anti-static valve holding chamber for Metered-Dose Inhalers which comes in four Variants to suite for all Patient Group. Unlike other spacer device, EasyChamber comes with a detachable mask which enables patient to use the spacer with or without mask.

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spacer device
Key Features
  • Latex-free, anatomical and comfortable silicon mask.
  • Detachable silicone mask that offers flexibility to use spacer without a mask, if required.
  • The inhalation through cross valves ensures low resistance when breathing in and prevents accidental breathing out into the chamber.
  • Improved drug delivery and ease of use due to one-way inhalation.
  • Compatibility :With all commonly prescribed inhalers
  • Storage:Compact and comes with an outer box
  • Variants :Mouthpiece, Adult, Child and Infant Mask

Maximises the aerosol suspension time and assure a more efficient dose from the MDI with an anti-static chamber

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