The ready to use set for bladder irrigation and catheter maintenance


Urinary Catheter Irrigation Solutions

UroFlush ® Saline
UroFlush ® G
UroFlush ® R
  • Sealed, Sterile and ready for immediate use.
  • Simplified Catheter maintenance.
  • Most cost-effective Catheter maintenance solution.
  • Bioequivalent to other brands, so patient can safely be switched to UroFlush.


for Mucus/Tissue Debris/Blood Clots

UroFlush Saline
Key Features
  • Nacl 0.9% with injection port
  • Used to irrigation catheters that blocked with pus, blood clots or debris e.g.after surgery.
  • Works by gently washing out the lumen of the catheter.
  • Endotoxin-free
  • Available Sizes :50ml
  • Pack Size :10 Bags
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For Mild Encrustation

UroFlush G
Key Features
  • Citric Acid 3.23% with injection port
  • Prevents phosphate crystallization and dissolves exisiting crystals fromed by urease producing bacteria.
  • Contains Magnesium Oxide to prevent bladder irrigation due to the acidic nature of the solution
  • Endotoxin-free
  • Available Strengths :50ml
  • Pack Size :10 Bags
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For Persistent Encrustation

UroFlush R
Key Features
  • Citric Acid 6% with injection port
  • Effective at dissolving severe encrustation.
  • Due to higher concentration of Citric Acid and Gluconolactone, it smooths away large,gritty deposits,so ideal to be used just prior to catheter removal as it dissolves any crystals on the trip of the catherter
  • Endotoxin-free
  • Available Strengths :50ml
  • Pack Size :10 Bags
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Clinical & Design Features

Easy Handling & Feel
  • Soft Bag : Improved the feel of the product for the patient.
  • Insertion of hanger hole : Enables easier administration of UroFlush.
  • Colour-coded bags : Improves identification to avoid administration
    errors in busy work schedule.
  • New clamp design : Enables one-handed operation & prevents the
    relese of fluid before the connection is made with the catheter.
  • Easy to use : Can be used by HCP as well as the patient.
Administration & saftey features
  • Greater bag transparency : Easier to assess colour of the urine and observe debris.
  • Improved seal for thestability: UroFlush saline injection port ensures one-way flow.
  • Catheter tip in a protective cap : Universal catheter tip is sterile and has an attached
    protective cap,no risk of contamination
  • sterile, Safe and ready to use : UroFlush is sterilised in the wrapper, so that exterior
    of UroFlush is sterile when the package is opend, this increasea product saftey and
    makes it ready to use.